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"Marissa impresses with her empathic, entrepreneurial, and socially savvy approach to almost any kind of opportunity or challenge. Her integrity and ability to provide a fresh marketing, design and systems-thinking perspective has significantly expanded over the decade I have known her. Alongside being immersed in the world of social responsive, sustainable business, Marissa has opened numerous doors for my organization, Green Map System, where she has been a highly valued board member for five years. Marissa is highly intelligent, well-connected, and offers timely, thorough plans, extending the value of her work beyond expectations."


"Marissa and I worked together to transition the Green Spaces NYC community of social innovators to become Impact Hub NYC, supporting MissionHUB's expansion in New York City. From the early days of design and concept, to the latter times of execution and launch, Marissa demonstrated great leadership effort and collaborative spirit. In addition, it was inspiring to watch her develop our brand architecture and cohesive story around our various brands. Overall, I enjoy working with Marissa because of her positive solutions and outcomes-based approach. She has a keen sense of what works, what conveys, and what positively impacts people and organizations."


“As my company was looking for Series B funding, we had to show investors that carpooling.com was a tech company with tremendous potential. Marissa's class and private coaching was instrumental in helping me reach out to top tier media with the right tone and story angles. We got coverage in The New York Times, FastCompany, and Forbes, within just a couple of months. And we got funded, successfully raising $10mm from Daimler.”


"I found an immediate value return in Marissa's Why Discovery, Strategy Session. Marissa's questions made easy for me to contemplate and articulate my values, digging deep to capture my inner Whys. Seeing the parallels between my own Why, my company's Why, and my customer’s Why, was fascinating and enlightening - I always felt the connection, though this reinforced the relationship. Marissa worked with me to tie these pieces together into a cohesive story that resonates. I even used the results of our session in conversations with two clients very next day!" 


"One of the greatest ways that Marissa adds value is by getting the client to establish their story by figuring out their Why, How and What. As my PR point of contact, I was able to publish my first book and gain media attention before and after the launch. I had many aha moments that led to the ultimate establishment of my coaching and speaking business. In addition, through Espresso Mondays, I gained clarity around why I wanted to pursue a speaking career, my specific areas to focus and continue to get different perspectives on how to execute each idea in building my platform." 


"In just one training session with Marissa, she unlocked a PR strategy and perspective for building my business that I never knew was possible. I shared my goals and struggles, and she recommended simple tactics in line with my skills. I am now getting results with a new plan of action that works for me!"


"Marissa is the best! We came to her with a very specific set of needs that she approached with intelligence, cleverness, and determination. Despite not knowing much about PR ourselves, she was patient with us and our questions, and helped us to engage in moving our brand forward ourselves. She was quick to respond, thoughtful with obstacles, and we really felt immediately like she was part of our 'team.' We can't recommend her highly enough!"


"Marissa Feinberg is an innovator and spirited entrepreneur. Her can-do attitude is contagious and her enthusiasm is unstoppable. I would recommend her to manage any projects looking for clear, concise messaging, targeted branding and decisive calls to action. You will be enchanted and impressed by her work." 


“I was thinking this morning about the very first meeting I had last year with (the fabulous) Marissa Feinberg... I presented her with this crazy idea about getting a bunch of people together to share workspace with each other. People who had space and people who needed it. People whose backs were hurting from working at Starbucks.  People who were sick of commuting. People who were seeking moments of connection and friendship to brighten the work day.  People who said, 'I want more out of my life and my work.'

And she was up for it... You are open. You are passionate. You are making your own rules…and in so doing, you are making our world so so beautiful.  You’ve made my life more full. My days more productive. My evenings more fun. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, your willingness to share, and your willingness to believe that it is possible to change the way the world works.  

You are making it happen, one day and one conversation, one shared experience at a time.  We may be a small movement now, but we’re growing stronger every day.  I can feel it.”


"The Sustainable Transit Salon was a wonderful opportunity to test our preliminary ideas about implementing a traffic pricing system in the New York metro area... a terrific forum for engaging people in a dialogue; and Marissa and friends did a great job turning out a crowd. The folks who attended were knowledgeable and passionate about traffic pricing and gave us invaluable feedback on how to put forward a plan that meets the twin goals of raising money for public transportation and reducing traffic congestion while minimizing any adverse effects on working New Yorkers. Many thanks for a great night!"