Different StoriES
Bring Different ResultS 


Credit Parris Whittingham



"Why" we do what we do is at the core of every good story. Let's work together to articulate your Why, 
your organization's Why, and your community's Why. We'll also create a plan for how to integrate these Whys across your communications: sales conversations, raising capital, pitching media, branding, social + more.

Credit Parris Whittingham

Credit Parris Whittingham



Ready to get out there? Let's work together to identify the best PR approaches for your organization, and find out whether Triple Bottom Why is right for you. Regardless, leave with a new action plan for your organization's PR strategy. Coaching packages are available for people who want to be coached through execution.

Credit Parris Whittingham

Credit Parris Whittingham



Interested in growth? 
Share your current sales and marketing strategies. Discover new pathways toward your goals with storytelling as a strategy.  

Leave with a plan for integrating your story across sales and marketing, strengthening your storytelling and bringing you closer to your goals.



Greg Iorio, Founder, Condor Consulting

"I found an immediate value return in Marissa's Why Discovery, Brand Session. Marissa's questions made easy for me to contemplate and articulate my values, digging deep to capture my inner Whys. Seeing the parallels between my own Why, my company's Why, and my customer’s Why, was fascinating and enlightening - I always felt the connection, though this reinforced the relationship. Marissa worked with me to tie these pieces together into a cohesive story that resonates. I even used the results of our session in conversations with two clients very next day!" 


"In just one training session with Marissa, she unlocked a PR strategy and perspective for building my business that I never knew was possible. I shared my goals and struggles, and she recommended simple tactics in line with my skills. I am now getting results with a new plan of action that works for me. Big thanks to Marissa + Triple Bottom Why!"



“As my company was looking for Series B funding, we had to show investors that was a tech company with tremendous potential. Marissa's class and private coaching was instrumental in helping me reach out to top tier media with the right tone and story angles. We got coverage in The New York Times, FastCompany, and Forbes, within just a couple of months. And we got funded, successfully raising $10mm from Daimler.”




"Marissa is the best! We came to her with a very specific set of needs that she approached with intelligence, cleverness, and determination. Despite not knowing much about PR ourselves, she was patient with us and our questions, and helped us to engage in moving our brand forward ourselves. She was quick to respond, thoughtful with obstacles, and we really felt immediately like she was part of our 'team.' We can't recommend her highly enough!"



Email Marissa, ask questions, and discover if Story Sessions are right for you.