2-Minute Video Shares How to Articulate Your Why / by Marissa Feinberg

“There’s something that makes him/her tick,” is what we think when we interact with a passionate person. Inspired people attract others to be part of their vision and story.

Knowing and articulating your brand’s purpose is critical. Leadership and team members that keep their eyes on the Whys stay inspired and motivated, attracting core communities.

How are your audience’s Whys aligned with yours and your mission’s? How can you best connect your story to your audience?

I have recently given this presentation to the NYU Startup School to support entrepreneur pitches, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering for product-market fit, and WE NYC for women connecting to audiences. The more I do this work, the more gratifying it is to see how people connect with the core of Why they are inspired. If this resonates, I would love to share this process with you in person! 

Above is a 2-minute video recap of “Articulate Your Why” at The Assemblage Nomad. The video shares an overview of different thought leaders who do Why work, and shares a “Hack Your Why” experience. For your own guide, download the Triple Bottom Why philosophy paper.