Two Invites, a Podcast, and a Meditation / by Marissa Feinberg

This spring, I am reflecting on my first two years since launching Triple Bottom Why. In this reflective process, I've been inspired by meditation, a practice that is new for me. Each time I meditate, I feel more present and connected with my creative work. As we are all connected to each other, I believe that the most powerful way to foster connectivity is through storytelling. Meditation has reaffirmed this belief for me, and I am now more excited to do this work than ever. Please check out the two invites, podcast and meditation below, and engage with what inspires you! 

PODCAST "New Tech & Brand Marketing - Minter Dialogue with Minter Dial" - Our Discussion on Empathy, Brands, and Politics

PODCAST %22New Tech & Brand Marketing - Minter Dialogue with Minter Dial%22 - Our Discussion on Empathy, Brands, and Politics.jpg

The "triple bottom why" is about aligning your Why with your marketing, PR, brand and digital storytelling. In this conversation, Minter and I look at how to make that alignment happen, what are some of the keys to making empathic values-based storytelling as well as the challenge of cutting through the noise with content distribution. This interview was initially recorded on Facebook Live, available here - you’ll need to turn your mobile or laptop on its side (sorry!).


Celebrate the NYU $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge - I'll Be Judging & Partying this Friday, May 4, from 1 pm Onward!

2018 $300K Finals Graphic 3.jpg

Live pitches. People’s Choice voting. Upwards of $300K of cash and startup services on the line to win. 

The W. R. Berkley Innovation Labs invites you to the Final Pitch-Off for the $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge at the NYU Stern School of Business, one of the largest and most innovative accelerator programs in the world. I am humbled to judge the social venture category.

RSVP via the following link:


"How to Overcome 'Phantom Emotions,'" Sunday, May 20, 4-6pm
I'll Introduce Helen Kramer, Author, Therapist & Healer

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“Phantom limb” is a medical term describing what happens when a person has a limb, breast, or tooth removed, experiencing sensations in these body parts that are no longer present. Helen Kramer created the term “phantom emotions” to describe emotional reactions from childhood that get triggered, causing unnecessary pain-and-suffering.

Learn more about this event + RSVP.

Story Meditation (Event Coming Soon)
Mindset & Questions to Inspire Our "Why"

triple bottom why philosophy.png

I recently wrote this meditation to kick off a client's story session, identifying his Why:

"Our story is deeply connected to ourselves. Our story is at our core. Our story is at the root of who we are. What story are we telling ourselves? Where did our story come from? Why do we tell ourselves the story we do? Where did it begin? Where does it end? How has our story evolved?"

I will soon host an event with the full story meditation and guided Triple Bottom Why facilitation - stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are curious, you can download the Philosophy Paper.